What is Urban Proxima?

Urban Proxima is about the ways technology changes (or soon could change) urban life. If you’re an urbanist, technologist, developer, architect, policy wonk, activist, or any other character class that cares about cities, this is for you. 

What Can I Expect?

Each newsletter, we’ll cover how new tech drives the evolution of our cities, the laws and regulations that influence urban growth, and the lives of real people as the future unfolds around us.   

About the Author

Jeff Fong is a writer, technologist, and housing activist. He was an early stage employee at Lyft and later took on roles in both product and leadership at Postmates. A longtime contributor to Market Urbanism, his work has also been featured in publications like Caos Planejado

Jeff also serves as Board Chair at YIMBY Action, an activist organization pushing the controversial idea that houses are good and we should have more of them. 

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