And the plans are out! Have you taken a look, Jeff? Seems like they took a lot of notes on what makes great urbanism and are taking a straight shot at that. Lot of great details in the text of the ballot initiative. https://downloads.ctfassets.net/ivxuf0dn6dhw/7HRDCpGCxsRHFXTv0ZxDVZ/ed92f55f60f182530fab988d382da028/East_Solano_Homes_Jobs_and_Clean_Energy_Initiative_-_Submitted_to_Solano_ROV.pdf

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I'd not yet, but that all looks promising. I like that they're choosing to put non-car transit modes on more equal footing with the dedicated (and protected) bike lines, dedicated bus lanes, etc.

They also have Gabe Metcalf on board and he has street cred (pun intended) as an urbanist after running SPUR (regional bay area think tank) for several years.

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