Would appreciate if you could fresh out:

-the aggregate time it would take someone living in north Hollywood to get to the mgm: flying vs transit + hsr

-the proposed revenue structure: how may riders a day at what fare

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This is very back of the envelope math, but...

Flying from North Hollywood might look something like 2hrs and 35min:

-10 min driving

-45min navigating departure airport

-1hr 15min flight

-15min navigating arrival airport

-10min rideshare to MGM

Transiting from North Hollywood looks something like 4hrs and 40 minutes:

-2hrs 30min transit (multiple connections) to HSR station in San Bernardino

-2hrs on HSR

-10min rideshare to MGM

And for reference, driving looks to be ~4hrs and 15min

As for the revenue stuff, I've not seen that myself. Bright Line claims they want to set ticket prices at the "monetary equivalent of what it costs to drive". I've also not seen daily ridership targets, but they want to do 3 million trips a year (primarily from folks who would have otherwise driven).

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